About Us

mirela & andrew

Hi, & Welcome to Uplifting Affirmations, we are glad you are here.

Let me firstly introduce us both to you. My name is Andrew and I am a Website Developer. I am engaged to my wonderful partner Mirela and we live in the North West of Ireland.

We both, in the past have suffered severely from anxiety due to the stresses we have endured throughout our lives. We have always believed that there were other more positive ways to deal with anxiety apart from getting the latest “meds” on offer.

Having constantly researched various healthy options, we were surprised at how many people have benefited from the profound effect that daily affirmations have had in changing their lives.

People from all over the world use these techniques to focus on the goals they wish to achieve in life. For us, as a couple, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks our lives were in constant turmoil. The attacks came from nowhere and the symptoms in general got worse and worse.

Using positive affirmations on a daily basis, not only had a calming effect by reducing the negative fear that builds up, but replaces that fear with more positive thoughts.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety will know how debilitating it can be, the feeling of nervousness in the pit of your stomach which builds and builds to the point you believe you are going to have a heart attack.

Non-sufferers have no idea what you are going through. We hope to encourage visitors to Uplifting Affirmations to take full advantage of the information we provide, to help them gain a better life which is full of self-confidence, self-love and complete positivity.

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