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Affirmations For Anxiety To Feel Calm & Relaxed Quickly.

There are many things in the world today that cause people a great deal of stress on a day to day basis.

Stress, anxiety and panic attacks are all totally debilitating to those sufferers. Generally they feel isolated and alone not knowing how to cope with daily life.

Feeling overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness is not how anyone should have to live their life.

I know there are countless medications available mainly given out on prescription to supposedly alleviate the symptoms, but sometimes the “cure” is worse than the illness leaving many people addicted to medications through long term use.

This is not always the way to deal with mental health issues.

Recognizing the problem is first and foremost. Anxiety and stress can be triggered by many reasons such as exams, meeting new people, illness, etc. It is a feeling that most experience at some point in their life but it only becomes a problem when there is no obvious reason for it or if symptoms last for a few weeks or more.

It is up to you to try to identify the time that you become anxious and the situations that you find stressful.

A common way is to distract yourself from the situation and to “self-talk” in effect you need to try to distract yourself and remind yourself that this will soon pass.

Changes in behavior take time, but learning to manage your feelings of stress and anxiety and not let them take over is the first step forward.

Daily positive affirmations “self-talking” have helped many people with anxiety and stress and we would like to share some of these positive affirmations with you. Choose any of the following 30 suggested affirmations for anxiety or you can create your own if you prefer to do so. Creating your own is easy.

Find a quiet area where you can be on your own and focus on creating statements that will improve your self-esteem & wellbeing.

  •  Keep your affirmations short so you can remember them easily.
  • Write down the positive opposite of one negative thought you may have about yourself.
  • Use “I” or “My” to begin your affirmation as it is more effective by starting with you.
  • Never begin your affirmations with “I Need” or “I Want”.
  • Always write in the present tense.
  • Make sure all your affirmation statements are positive.

Believe in what you desire by creating affirmations for anxiety that will work.

It may take a few weeks for you to benefit from these but stick with it and you will soon find your stress and anxiety levels will not only lessen but in many cases completely disappear.

"I am in the process of positive change."

affirmations for anxiety 1

I can make changes in my life.”

I will get rid of stress, fear & tension.”

"I will accept myself."

i will accept myself affirmation

"I am freeing myself from all destructive doubts & fears.”

Life will be good.”

"I have the power to beat my anxiety."

i have the power to beat my anxiety affirmation

I will always be positive.”

I will rid myself of negativity​.”

"I am healing myself."

I am healing myself affirmations

I will not let stress defeat me.”

“I will make it through the hard times.”

"I have made mistakes but I will not let them define who I am."

I have made mistakes but I will not let them define who I am affirmations

I will curb my anger.”

I will stay strong.”

"I am proud of my accomplishments."

I am proud of my accomplishments affirmation

I deserve to be healthy.”

“I love myself.”

"I am my best source of motivation."

I am my best source of motivation affirmation

“I appreciate my life.”

“I will not run away from my problems.”

"These tough times will end."

These tough times will end affirmation

“I will learn & grow from my struggles.”

“I love & approve of myself.”

"My life is full of happiness & love."

My life is full of happiness & love affirmation

“I will overcome all obstacles.”

I am in control of my life.”

"I am allowed to express pain & anger."

I am allowed to express pain & anger affirmation

​There is more to life out there and I will find it.”

“I am taking steps forward to reduce my anxiety.”

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