Affirmations For Depression

Positive Affirmations For Depression That Will Transform Your Life.

Many of us will have experienced those down days in our lives when we feel like a dark cloud is hanging over us that we just cannot get rid of. Normally again for most of us it will clear within a few hours or even in a couple of days. I consider we are the lucky ones.

Depression is a disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness, mood swings and a lack of interest in anything. These are the most common symptoms of depression and if they persist for a few weeks or more then clinical depression could be diagnosed. These days depression is considered the most common health disorder affecting millions of people worldwide.

Common stressful triggers for depression include events such as, loss of a loved one, a break up of a relationship, losing your job etc. but there are also occasions it can strike out of the blue in someone who appears to have an ideal lifestyle.

Depression and the self defeating thoughts that accompany it are very painful elements of this illness. When you find yourself in the thick of darkness and despair and you cannot think of any positives about yourself, remember you are not alone.

People with depression tend to focus solely on their weak points and it is always a good idea to write down some affirmations for anxiety & depression when you find yourself in that dark place. These affirmations will remind you of your value even though you may not be able to feel or see it at the present time. Use these powerful affirmations for depression when you are feeling anxious, scared, unsafe or disconnected.

Explore how you are feeling and by visually seeing and repeating these affirmations they can help to alter your perceptions and perspective to change your life for the better. Repeating them will help you focus on positive thoughts. Use your affirmations daily as often as you can for your overall well-being. 

Positive affirmations for depression will help you to adopt a more positive mindset and changes in your life by helping you to overcome inner struggles, anxiety and depression and truly connecting with yourself. Depression lies, and you are just a deserving of love and affection as anyone else.

Find Your Inner Power And Your Powerful Spiritual Connection.

Love yourself, take care of yourself and do all that you can to strengthen your body, heart & mind. Positivity can mean getting through your daily chores one by one and being compassionate with yourself as you do so. Remember it's going to be alright, this pain is constant at the moment and you think it will never end, but it will.

Your brain picks up these statements which in turn has a positive impact on your actions, words & thoughts in your everyday life.

"I am" Affirmations Are The Most Powerful Words

  • I am a positive person
  • I am strong
  • I am worthy
  • I am focused 
  • I am courageous 

Never doubt that you will be happy again, the sun will shine and you will find peace in your life as long as you commit to taking that first important step.

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