Love Affirmations | 16 Most Powerful

Love Affirmations for Attracting and Finding Love.

Manifestation is powerful and real. Believe that you can manifest love and it will happen. Basically it is all based around the Law of Attraction which I am sure most people have heard about, but have no clue what it is, or how it works.

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract whatever we focus on into our lives. It is the Law of Attraction that uses the power of our minds to translate what is in our thoughts and make it become a reality.

How to get the most out of your Love Affirmations...

  • The best time to repeat your affirmations is in the morning when you wake up to achieve the very best results. You should do this before you begin any other tasks to ensure that you are in a positive mind frame from the outset and this will continue throughout your day.
  • Repetition works wonders, each time you repeat your affirmations this will help to further cement them into your sub-conscious enabling you to get the greatest benefits from them.
  • A quiet environment where you will not be disturbed would be the ideal place for you to take time out for your affirmations
  • New to affirmations?  Don't worry, you will soon be reaping the benefits from practicing your daily affirmations designed specifically to enhance all areas of your life!

"My heart is open to love."

My heart is open to love

I have love in my life.”

I welcome love into my life.”

"I am open to love."

I am open to love affirmation

“The Universe will bring me love.”

I deserve love and happiness.”

"I am grateful for the love in my life."

I am grateful for the love in my life affirmation

I am happy to give and receive love every day.”

I am surrounded by love.”

"I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship."

I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship affirmations

I am loved more than I ever thought possible.”

I love who I am and so does my partner.”

"My partner loves me as much as I love her."

My partner loves me as much as I love her affirmation

“There is love and harmony in my life.”

I am swept up in romance.”

"The Universe has brought my soulmate to me."

The Universe has brought my soulmate to me affirmation
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