Manifestation For Money

I’m sure many of us have been in a position where we don’t know how we will manage to pay the next bill that drops in the mailbox, or even worse, worrying if we are about to lose the roof from over our head.

It is not only a dreadful worry, but also an extremely stressful situation to find yourself in. Manifestation for money is the key to enable you to become debt free and stop living from one paycheck to the next. Constantly achieving nothing, and in some cases adding to your current debt with creditors piling interest upon interest.

So the big question is how can manifestation for money raise your current level of wealth?.

If you, like me, have heard of “the secret” – visualization, feeling good, affirmations ? or maybe you have tried using the Law Of Attraction to manifest money but you are still in need of money today?.

Well I am going to share with you 3 little known ways on how Manifestation for Money works, and believe me “They do Work.” Myself, my family & friends have all put them into practice with outstanding results.

Love Money

We all love money especially when we have plenty of it, but when we have a lack of it we need to be at one with money.

Money should not be something to be Fearful, Disappointed or Frustrated about. Money is all about Happiness, Freedom & Love.

One simple exercise can change how you feel towards money, it simply stops you from pushing money away and allows it to come to you. Sounds pretty good!

Firstly you need to stop focusing on how much money you need and change your mindset to one of permitting yourself to manifest money today.

Make a List of the Reasons you Love Money.

  • I love money because it gives me the freedom to do the things in life I want to do
  • I love money because it pays my bills
  • I love money because it smells good
  • I love money because it makes me happy

Smell Money

If I told you to start to smell money you would probably think I had lost my mind, but I am sure most of us have unwittingly smelled money at some stage in our lives. You are probably wondering what the smell of money has to do with manifestation for money.?

Let me tell you – smelling money aligns your mindset with money. It makes you at one with it and ultimately when you are at one with it you will manifest money quickly.

If you are not already aware of the Law of Attraction – as soon as you ask for something it is yours. In turn this means that the money you ask for is already yours.

You therefore do not smell money to get money. When you hold money in your hand, smell it with the realization that you already have lots of it. You are not smelling it to manifest money now, you are smelling it because you have already manifested a great amount of wealth.

Think Manifestation for Money

You now need to see yourself as having already manifested money today. Your mindset needs to be one of it having already been achieved.

Don’t think about if you will manifest money today, only think of your desire.

Be Confident and keep a Clear Mindset.

Debts Disappear – Wealth Appears

Bills are all Paid – Debtors Stop Hassling You.

Stressing to get by Day to Day – An Abundance of Money Arrives


You Can Manifest Money Today.

I hope you are now on your way with the Knowledge, Tools & Mindset of how to Manifest Money Now.

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Jessica Davidson
Jessica Davidson
9 months ago

Just the post I was looking for today. Money manifestation here I come!

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