Money Affirmations | 10 That Work Fast!

Positive money affirmations are the greatest power you have in your life. Learn how to use them correctly on a daily basis.

If you genuinely want to manifest money into your life you need to focus on what you already have and not on what you don't have.

Aligning your thoughts to a positive wealth mindset instead of a scarcity mindset will help to bring you an abundance of prosperity, money & wealth.

You need to cultivate a positive mindset regardless of your financial position at present. By practicing your daily money affirmations, you will enhance your personal power, ultimately attracting the happiness, fulfillment & wealth you deserve.

You will use your money affirmations on a daily basis to help you achieve what you are seeking in life. Wouldn't we all like to have financial freedom?.

Believe it, Never Doubt it, Wealth is Yours for the Taking.

How to get the most out of your Money Affirmations...

  • The best time to repeat your affirmations is in the morning when you wake up to achieve the very best results. You should do this before you begin any other tasks to ensure that you are in a positive mind frame from the outset and this will continue throughout your day.
  • Repetition works wonders, each time you repeat your affirmations this will help to further cement them into your sub-conscious enabling you to get the greatest benefits from them.
  • A quiet environment where you will not be disturbed would be the ideal place for you to take time out for your affirmations.
  • New to affirmations?  Don't worry, you will soon be reaping the benefits from practicing your daily affirmations, designed specifically to enhance all areas of your life!

"I am a money magnet."

I am a money magnets

I will attract money now.”

"Let the money flow towards me."

Let the money flow towards mee

“I continually attract good fortune.

"I am the master of my own riches."

I am the master of my own riches

I am worthy of making and receiving money.”

"I release all negativity towards money."

I release all negativity towards money

I embrace all avenues of income.”

"I am a rich child of the universe."

I am a rich child of the universee

I am the master of my own riches.”

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