Morning Affirmations | Top 30

Start your day on a positive note! Get your day up and running with plenty of good positive vibes and lots of energy by repeating any of the following Morning Affirmations.

These inspiring and uplifting affirmations should be repeated by yourself preferably out loud first thing in the morning.  Each affirmation is designed to re-enforce confidence and inspire you so that you can take on any challenges with a clear focus throughout the day.  

These quotations and affirmations can attract positivity into most areas of your life including Happiness, Love, Success, Wealth and so much more.

How to get the most out of your Morning Affirmations...

  • The best time to repeat your affirmations is in the morning when you wake up to achieve the very best results. You should do this before you begin any other tasks to ensure that you are in a positive mind frame from the outset and this will continue throughout your day.
  • Repetition works wonders, each time you repeat your affirmations this will help to further cement them into your sub-conscious enabling you to get the greatest benefits from them.
  • A quiet environment where you will not be disturbed would be the ideal place for you to take time out for your affirmations
  • New to affirmations?  Don't worry, you will soon be reaping the benefits from practicing your daily affirmations, designed specifically to enhance all areas of your life!

"I am happy and free because I am me."

affirmation number 1

“Others will look up to me as a leader because of my self confidence.”

“I wake up every morning ready for a new day of endless possibilities.”

"I accept all that is good in the world."

affirmation 4

“I will always trust my intuition.”

“I embrace the peace and quiet at night time.”

"I will focus on breathing and grounding myself."

affirmation 7

“I am doing work that I love and find fulfilling.”

“I trust myself always to make the best decisions for me.”

"Feeling confident, assured, and strong is part of my everyday life."

affirmation 10

“I will always make wise decisions.”

“I have everything I need to make today a great day.”

"I have everything I need to overcome any obstacles that come my way."

affirmation 13

“I have great ideas and make wonderful contributions.”

“I will surround myself with people who push me to be my best.”

"I will let go of all negative feelings about myself or my life."

affirmation 16

“I am a very strong individual who will attract success and happiness.”

“I am a valuable person and will make endless powerful contributions to the world.”

"I will work well under pressure and have a strong motivation in my work."

affirmation 19

“I choose to think positively to create a happy and successful life for myself.”

“I have the knowledge to make positive decisions for myself.”

"I am happy and free because I am me."

affirmation 22

I am, and always will be, enough.”

“I will make the right choices every time.”

"I will let go of all negative feelings about myself or my life."

affirmation 25

“I know I'm a unique child of this world.”

“I am self-reliant, and persistent in whatever I do.”

"I will take the time to show my friends that I care about them always."

affirmation 28

“I let go of my anger now so that I can see clearly.”

I trust myself.”

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