Morning Affirmations For Beginners

Basically these are statements of something you wish to come true and by saying them often enough they will change from just words into actions.

Morning Affirmations allow you to make changes in life when you become aware that you have the ability to control your own happiness by choosing how you let things in life affect you.

Starting your day with motivational and positive thoughts is a certain way to achieve happiness. You can use your affirmations at any time to act against any negative thoughts that may pop-up and eventually they will be less likely to re-appear.


To get your positive mindset repeating your affirmations will ultimately re-program the subconscious mind into a positive state, staying focused on your goals and enabling you to overcome any obstacles or challenges you encounter along the way.

We are constantly using affirmations even if we are not aware of it. Generally they are mostly negative and will not get you the success you desire.

Below are a few examples of NEGATIVE AFFIRMATIONS.

. I can never lose weight

. I will never meet anyone that I can love

. I never seem to get ahead no matter what I do

. I just give up

How affirming phrases can keep you focused

Using positive morning affirmations will interrupt this deluge of negativity and your thoughts and beliefs will become positive.

Achieving this is up to you! Continually overload your subconscious with images of the success or realities you wish to achieve.

Create positive affirmations

Below is a guide on how to create effective affirming statements.

. Start your affirmations with the word “I am”

. Always use the present tense

. State what you want not what you don’t want

. Keep it short

. Be specific

. Try to include an action word ending with -ing

. Try to include an emotion or feeling word

. Only make affirmations for yourself

An example of this would be:

. I am so happy I have achieved my goal weight.

. I am happily driving my new car across the beautiful highways of America.

We all have those mornings when we wake up after a poor night’s sleep and do not look forward to the day ahead. A bad start to the day will not only affect your thoughts and feelings, but will also make it more difficult for you to maintain a positive outlook to any activity you are involved in to make it a success.

By telling yourself your bad morning start means you are in for a bad day, then you will have a bad day.

Believe me the power of your thoughts has a greater impact than you may believe. Negative energy is not good for anyone. Throughout the day you need to feed your mind with positive thoughts to keep you motivated regardless of any hurdles you have to overcome.

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

Dali Lama

Take 5-10 mins every day to repeat your affirmations, preferably out loud with plenty of enthusiasm. Morning and before bedtime are ideal times to do this. You need to set times that you are able to commit to and practice your affirmations. Repeating them regularly will ultimately reprogram the subconscious mind into a positive state staying focused on your goals.

Positive affirmations are so powerful releasing you from negativity, fear, anxiety and worry. By repeating them over and over again they begin to take charge of your thoughts slowly but surely changing your pattern of thinking and eventually changing your life allowing you to achieve your dreams.

Below are a few examples of POSITIVE MORNING AFFIRMATIONS.

. Today will be a beautiful day

. Life brings me only good experiences

. My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am

. I am beautiful and everyone loves me

. Each new experience is perfect for my personal growth

. I am a successful person

. I believe in myself

According to self-affirmation theory, the most important thing is that your core personal values are reflected in your affirmations. If it does not reflect your beliefs in what is good, moral or worthwhile then there is no point to it.

Your morning affirmations should be positively focused and aimed at actions you can take to reinforce your self-identity, using your real strength to help guide your affirmations.

These self-affirmations said with confidence about a perceived truth have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives.

Power of affirmation

You may wonder how long it will take before your morning affirmations begin to work. Your conscious mind does not hear them so it does not have a chance to think about or reject them nut they go straight to your subconscious mind and usually after 21-28 days your beliefs will change and this will allow you to become your new desire.

Slowly but surely you can change your pattern of thinking and eventually change your life.

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