Success Affirmations | Top 15

success affirm

Success Affirmations | Top 15

You are here because you are looking for a brighter and more successful future?

Your thoughts are your pathway to achievements. Success Affirmations repeated daily will reprogram your subconscious to create the life you desire.

The following 15 affirmations will help you on your way to make your thoughts become reality.

As the Law of Attraction states "whatever you give enough thought to, will become real". 

This only works if you are totally committed, as you have all the tools you need to fulfil all your dreams and ambitions.

Affirmation No.1

I use positive thinking to manifest a positive life

Affirmation No.2

I am highly motivated and productive

Affirmation No.3

I am highly motivated, driven and ambitious

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Affirmation No.4

I am a magnet for success

Affirmation No.5

I only permit positive thoughts to remain in my mind

Affirmation No.6

My goals and dreams always come true

Affirmation No.7

When I go after what I want, it comes to me

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Affirmation No.8

There is always a way if I am committed

Affirmation No.9

The Universe always provides for me

Affirmation No.10

I have success in all areas of my life

Affirmation No.11

Success comes naturally to me

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Affirmation No.12

I am full of energy and life

Affirmation No.13

Money wants me

Affirmation No.14

I am successful

Affirmation No.15

My affirmations for success always bear fruit

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